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ZGScan™Smart handheld laser 3D scanner


ZGScan™Smart handheld laser 3D scanner
ZGScan™ series smart handheld laser 3D scanner, our fully proprietary product granted with multiple national invention patents and certified by National Institute of Metrology China in respect of accuracy, greatly meets the application demands of product R&D and design personnel as well as quality control department and provides them with efficient and reliable 3D data acquisition
Industrial measuring accuracy: up to 0.02 mm;
Resolution: up to 0.05 mm;
Third-party traceability certification;
Freedom: All-dimensional scanning of object, not restricted by part dimensions materials, color and complexity, etc;
Handheld scanning,:external measuring arm or any clamp not required. Easy operation; any operator will know how to use it within one hour;
Triangular self-positioning technology part freely movable, fixed installation not required, assured high accuracy;
Creating smart grid and seamlessly connecting with the main 3D software to improve the working efficiency.

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