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EnvisionTEC’s quick building Q-View resin is ideal for providing fast design verification models. This exciting material is capable of impressive print speeds for the full build envelope. This allows designers to put their custom design pieces into their customers’ hands in record time for final fit and design verification. It can also be used as a pattern when built in high resolution to make a silicone mold.

브랜드 : envisionTEC | 제품명 : cDLM Family, Desktop Family, Perfactory Family 응용분야 : Jewelry
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength at Break: 5160 psi (ASTM Method D 638-10)
Tensile elongation at break: 3.7% (ASTM Method D 638-10)
Tensile modulus: 217 ksi (ASTM Method D 638-10)
Flexural strength at break: 11 800 psi (ASTM Method D 790)
Flexural modulus: 332 ksi (ASTM Method D 790)
Durometer D hardness: 85 D Shore (ASTM Method D 2240)
Izod impact strength: 0.392 ft-lbf/in (ASTM Method D 256-10)
Heat deflection temperature at 264 psi: 43.3° C (ASTM Method D 648-07)
Heat deflection temperature at 66 psi: 70° C (ASTM Method D 648-07)

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